Velocity Products and Briney Tooling Systems have joined
Partners in THINC as Velocity/Briney, and have partnered
together with BlueSwarf to develop and distribute the VELOCITY SMART TOOL™ -
an integrated tool holder and
cutting tool assembly
designed and optimized exclusively
for OKUMA machining centers

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The VELOCITY SMART TOOL™ is an integrated tool holder and cutting tool assembly optimized using the included BlueSwarf Dashboard™ to allow machining at the maximum stable speeds, feeds, and cutting depths for a specific operation, on a specific part, on a specific OKUMA machine tool.

The VELOCITY SMART TOOL™ delivers up to 2X the performance and cutting tool life.

Using the BlueSwarf Dashboard™, VELOCITY SMART TOOL™ balanced assemblies will be made available for each OKUMA machining center, pre-tested for various materials and cutting conditions, providing The Best Possible Performance with zero trial and error guesswork


BlueSwarf Tool Dashboard


An infinite number of speed, feed and depths of cut combinations can be tested, and the Tool Dashboard™ will calculate optimum process stability.

To ensure the best possible tool is selected, five different material specific carbide endmill types, in multiple lengths, with four toolholder projections, in sizes from 3/8" to 1" in diameter are offered. The various combinations will cover most applications in a simple to use tooling grid for each model.

All of the Tool Dashboards are delivered and organized in the Tooling Cloud, a comprehensive tool management system. The Tooling Cloud manages bills of material, CAD files, reports and documents. It learns tool consumption patterns, manages on-hand inventories in real-time and prompts re-orders on any computer, on the OKUMA control, and on a tablet or smart phone.

Clicking on the chosen combination will show a dimensionally correct image of the tool assembly with a Dashboard that allows the buyer to virtually test the tool and multiple others, before purchasing. 


Briney Tru Position Eccentric Bore Tool HoldersBriney


Tru Position tool holder runout = .0002" after clamping.

Cutting tool life is up to 2X that of any other endmill holder.


FullertonFullerton Advanced Performance Carbide Cutting Tools


Proprietary and patent-pending shank retention system ensures repeatable tool stick-out and retains balance with each tool change.

Tap tested and tuned end mills have proportionally spaced teeth for the highest chatter-free speeds, maximum tool life and feed rates.

Choose the preferred tool configuration for the material and processing requirements from the BlueSwarf Tooling Grid.

New tool replacement and regrinding services available through Velocity Products.


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