Velocity Specials

Velocity Products Overstock Tooling Sale!

The items listed below are brand new, overstock tools being offered at a significant discount.  Please contact for pricing information.

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Tool# Tool Description Notes
14.910.0.0215.0 LB2000M/LB3000M/LU3000M/GENOS L300 M 3/4" OD-I New - Overstock
14.910.0.0216.0 LB2000M/LB3000M/LU3000M/GENOS L300 M 3/4" OD-II New - Overstock LB2000M/LB3000M/GENOS L300M ERAX-25 Offset Cross Internal Coolant New - Overstock
14.826.0.0014.0 LB2000M/LB3000M/GENOS L300M ERAX-16 Adjustable New - Overstock
14.800.0.0404.0 LB3000M ER-40 IC Axial Live Tool New
14.910.0.0230.0 LB3000 M 3/4" OD-I Y-Axis New - Overstock
14.910.0.0118.0 LB3000 M Capto C4 Y-Axis OD-I New - Overstock
14.910.0.0297.0 LB3000 L Capto C4 OD-I New - Overstock
14.910.0.0290.0 LB3000 M Capto C6 ID New - Overstock
14.910.0.0130.0 LT2000 3/4" OD-I-D Left/Right Spindles Holder New - Bolt clamp version of 14.910.0.0225.0

LT2000 3/4" OD-II Holder

New - Bolt clamp version of 14.910.0.0226.0

14.910.0.0111.0 LT2000 Capto C4 ID, Left/Right New
14.910.0.0112.0 LT2000 Capto C4 OD-I-S New
14.910.0.0265.0 LT2000 Capto C4 OD-I-S, Y-Axis New
14.430.0.0006.0 3/4"BUSHING FOR LT2000 1.25" ID HOLDER New
14.430.0.0059.0 5/8" BUSHING FOR LT2000 1.25" ID HOLDER New

V80R M / 2SP-V80R M Radial ER50 External Coolant Driven Tool

New Overstock

V80R / V80R M • 2SP-V80R / 2SP-V80R M 2" ID Holder

OEM Holders - Overstock

V80R / V80R M • 2SP-V80R / 2SP-V80R M 1.25" OD-I Holder

OEM Holders - Overstock


V80R / V80R M • 2SP-V80R / 2SP-V80R M 1.25" OD-II Holder

OEM Holders - Overstock

14.800.0.0364.0 GENOS L300M VDI 40 Offset Radial Live Tool New
14.826.0.0017.0 LB4000 Adjustable Tool, ERAX-25 New
14.910.0.0046.0 LB4000 M Capto C4 ID Holder New
14.800.0.0244.1 LB4000 M Capto C4 Axial Live Tool New
14.910.0.0375.0 LT3000 Capto C5 ID, Left/Right New 2SP-250HM ERAX-32 Radial Live Tool New