Okuma LB45III M Tools

Velocity Products has the largest inventory of tooling Only for Okuma in North America. Velocity/SU-matic tooling is designed and manufactured by SU-matic – a worldwide leader in tooling technology headquartered in Switzerland.

All Velocity SU-matic live tools are greased for life, run-in at the factory, pressure tested, CMM inspected, and serialized inspection reports kept on file.  Velocity SU-matic Tooling for Okuma uses oversize output bearings, and Klingelnberg spiral bevel gears are machined in matched sets, then lapped in matched sets.

• STP & STL files are available online.

• All Velocity tools are covered by a three year warranty.

• Velocity SU-matic LB45III M tools are in stock at our facility in Huntsville, AL.

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Live Tools
Tool Type Tool # Quantity Coolant
Output Ratio Maximum
Cross External ER-50 1:1 3,500 1,000 ERC-50 1:1 3,500
C5 Cross 1,000 C5 1:1 3,500
Face 14.800.0.0395.0 External ER-50 1:1 3,500
14.800.0.0393.0 1,450 ERC-50 1:1 3,500
C5 Face 14.800.0.0399.0 1,450 C5 1:1 3,500

Static Tools
Holder Type Tool # Quantity Output Reversible Coolant
OD-I 14.910.0.0347.0 1.25" Yes External
14.910.0.0423.0 1.25" (2) Yes External
14.910.0.0379.0 C6 Yes IC & EXT
OD-II 14.910.0.0348.0 1.25" Yes External
ID 14.910.0.0349.0 2.5" - IC& EXT
14.910.0.0380.0 C6 Yes IC & EXT

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