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Machine Tool Productivity Enhancements

Velocity Products markets tooling and machine tool accessories throughout North America. The fact that we are a part of an established machine tool distribution network gives us a unique perspective. We are able to offer products that our sales and application engineers have found to be effective and durable on the equipment we sell. Our current accessories product lines include:

Okuma Certified Pull Studs

Velocity Okuma Certified Pull Studs

Velocity Okuma Certified pull studs are specifically designed for Okuma spindles. The tolerances and surface finish to which Velocity pull studs are machined results in increased tool life and better part surface finishes. Velocity Okuma Certified pull studs are machined from SNCM 420 (JIS)/4320 (ASTM) alloy steel, hardened to HRC-52 - 58, and all surfaces are held to the surface finish requirements from Okuma, and all Velocity pull studs are coolant through.

Coolant Filter New

Velocity VMP-8 Coolant Filter

MP Systems, a sister company of Velocity Products, is renowned for their high pressure coolant systems and accessories. MP Systems has designed a stand alone VMP-8 Differential Coolant Filter that is tied to a machine tool alarm circuit to protect Velocity tooling - and a machine tool - from damage caused by swarf in coolant or cutting oil. The VMP-8 includes hoses and fittings and has a two year warranty!

LED Lighting for CNC Machines

Velocity Ultra-Bright LED Lighting

Velocity ultra-bright LED lighting products are designed and manufactured specifically for use in a machine tool environment. Velocity ROMA and FLEX lighting features extended life LED’s, completely impervious assemblies sealed to IP68, and tempered glass lenses. Velocity ROMA series cases are machined from solid aluminum and feature powerful Neodymium magnets for quick and secure mounting.

Velocity V-Clean clears coolant from enclosure windows

Velocity V-Clean Vision System

With the Velocity V-Clean Vision System, machine operators can easily maintain clear visibility through the enclosure windows without interrupting the machining process. This vision system uses shop air to clear coolant buildup and is an affordable alternative to traditional window cleaning devices.