Machine Tool Productivity Enhancements

Velocity Products markets tooling and machine tool accessories throughout North America. The fact that we are a part of an established machine tool distribution network gives us a unique perspective. We are able to offer products that our sales and application engineers have found to be effective and durable on the equipment we sell. Our current accessories product lines include:

CNC Chip Clearing Fan

Remove chips and coolant efficiently and safely with the Velocity CNC Chip Cleaning Fan. Designed for effortless machining operation. 

Coolant Filtration System

Protect the longevity of your machine tools with the VMP-8 Differential Coolant Filter, designed to filter chips from coolant.

CNC Lighting Systems

Illuminate your workspace with machine tool lights. These are built to withstand even the toughest working conditions. 

Velocity V-Clean

Powered exclusively by shop air, the V-Clean efficiently clears coolant from machine tool enclosure windows at a fraction of the cost.