Collet Tool Fixture for CT50

Velocity Gemini Tool Fixture for CT40 and CT50 tooling

Product Details

The Gemini Tool Fixture make tool changes quick and easy, taking just seconds. The CT50 tool fixture holds tooling for CT50, making it a perfect complement for any workbench. 

V03-E8-02919.00"H x 11.0"W$250.00

Key Benefits and Features

  • Quick and Easy Lock-in System

    Quick and Easy Lock-in System: The fastest and easiest on the market, securely locking your tool in place in seconds.

  • Made in the U.S.A.

    Produced and assembled entirely in the United States using all domestic materials.

  • 4 Versatile Layouts

    These base plates can be configured for multiple functions.

  • Economical

    Innovative and affordable for all machining centers, offering great value for the time and effort saved in tool changes.

  • Quality Material

    Laser-cut, corrosion-resistant thick steel base plate, with an anodized aluminum ring and stainless steel buttons.

  • All Replacement Parts Available

    No worries about parts breaking; all specific parts are sold separately if needed.

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