ER Collets

Velocity Products offers a comprehensive selection of ER collets, from ER11 to ER40, designed for optimal precision and tool stability in CNC machining. Our collets provide secure, accurate tool holding, reducing vibrations and enhancing overall performance. Our ER standard collets have a 0.0002" T.I.R with a clamping range of 0.039".

Velocity ER11 collets

ER11 Collets

Velocity ER16 Collet

ER16 Collets

Velocity Products ER20 Standard Collets

ER20 Collets

Velocity ER25 Standard Collet

ER25 Collets

Velocity ER32 Standard Collets

ER32 Collets

Velocity Products ER40 Collets

ER40 Collets