Lathe Tools

Velocity/SU-matic Tooling:

Velocity Products has the largest inventory of lathe tooling for Okuma in North America. Velocity/SU-matic tooling is designed and manufactured in Europe by SU-matic – a worldwide leader in tooling technology. SU-matic works closely with engineers from Okuma Europe, Okuma Japan, and Okuma America when designing new tools.  This engineering collaboration ensures flawless tooling performance on Okuma lathes, multitasking machines, and machining centers. SU-matic has several Okuma machine tools in their manufacturing facility.  Velocity/SU-matic tooling is available only for Okuma machine tools.
Partners in THINC:
As a member of Partners in THINC, Velocity/SU-matic works together with Okuma America and other Partners in THINC creating a synergy that allows Velocity/SU-matic to optimize the development of new tools, and refine the performance of existing tools to take full advantage of Okuma machine tool design and innovation.

Velocity lathe tooling is available for the following machines:

Okuma LB2000 and LB3000  M/MY/MYW Lathes
Okuma LB2000 and LB3000 L-Turret Lathes
Okuma LB4000  M/MY Lathes
Okuma LB4000 L-Turret Lathes
Okuma LT2000 Lathes
Okuma LT3000 Lathes
Okuma LU3000 Lathes
Okuma LU3000 L-Turret Lathes
Okuma LU4000 Lathes
Okuma LU4000 L-Turret Lathes
Okuma GENOS L300M/MY/MW/MYW with BMT Turret
Okuma GENOS L3000M Lathes
Okuma GENOS L400 & L3000L Lathes
Okuma Multus U3000/4000 Lathes
Okuma LB35III/LB45III & LU35II/U45II Lathes
Okuma LB45III M Lathes
Okuma "L" Turret Tools
Okuma V760 • V920 Lathes
Velocity Tooling Kits
Okuma 2SP-2500 HM 
Okuma LU7000 M 


Three Year Guarantee

Velocity Tooling is designed to give years of service under the most demanding applications. The build quality of our tool holders allows us to back them with a  three year factory warranty. Velocity Tooling will repair any defective tool holder for a period of three years from the date of purchase. All tool maintenance and service is performed in the United States at our certified repair facility.