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Coolant Filtration!

External coolant tools - and static tools - can also benefit from coolant filtration. Swarf can find its way into all static and live tools and clog coolant nozzles, degrade seals between the mounting plate and tool body of live tools, and eventually damage the bearings of live tools. Swarf can also clog coolant hoses and lock lines in a machine tool and clog coolant lines in the manifold of a lathe turret. MP Systems, a sister company of Velocity Products, is renowned for their high pressure coolant systems and accessories. MP Systems has designed a stand alone VMP-8 Differential Coolant Filter that is tied to a machine tool alarm circuit to protect Velocity SU-matic tooling - and a machine tool - from damage caused by swarf in coolant or cutting oil.  The VMP-8 includes hoses and fittings and has a two year warranty!

The Velocity/MP Systems VMP-8 Differential Coolant Filter works by filtering swarf from coolant or cutting oil in a machine tool coolant tank before the coolant or cutting oil goes into the lock lines. The VMP-8 Filter specifications are 5μm nominal, 50μm absolute. The VMP-8 Differential Coolant Filter is equipped with a switch that will alarm out the machine tool when there is a pressure differential of 25 psi (indicating that the filter bag needs replacement). Installation of the VMP-8 Differential Coolant Filter is simple on machine tools with a maximum standard coolant pump pressure of 125 psi. The VMP-8 Differential Coolant Filter can be used in conjunction with MP High Pressure Coolant Systems to achieve 100% coolant filtration and maximum machining performance.