Tool Quality

Velocity/SU-matic Tooling Technology

Velocity SU-matic tools are manufactured in Switzerland and Italy.

Velocity SU-matic tools are delivered ready to use - no break-in is required. 
All live tools are run-in at the factory and internal coolant tools are pressure
tested as a final quality check prior to shipment.

Velocity SU-matic Live Tools are greased for life; no customer maintenance
is required.

 Velocity SU-matic Live Tools are CMM inspected and serialized records are
kept on file.

All Velocity SU-matic Live Tools use individually ground spacer rings to set the bearing preload.

Velocity SU-matic live tools use oversize output bearings resulting in 40% greater rigidity than the competition.

Velocity SU-matic Live Tools use Klingelnberg spiral bevel gears machined in matched sets, then lapped in matched sets.