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Innovative Tooling and Machine Tool Accessories

Velocity Products distributes Tooling for Okuma, and innovative machine tool accessories throughout North America. As part of one of the largest machine tool distributors in North America, Velocity is able to use first hand input from our sales and application engineering colleagues when choosing, designing, and optimizing Okuma tooling and machine tool accessories. Velocity strives to provide instantaneous service and 100% satisfaction for all of our customers. 

Featured Sale Item

Velocity 50 Taper Hobbing/Slotting Head

Transform your machining operations with the Velocity 50 Taper Hobbing/Slotting Head. Its 50 taper design and multi-point spindle face locator ring set a new benchmark for precision and reliability. Feel the difference with its robust 150 NM cutting force, and take advantage of its thru-spindle high-pressure coolant readiness for enhanced performance. Also equipped with an external coolant-ready feature and a 1.5" arbor shaft, it perfectly suits machining centers.


Okuma Lathe Tooling

Advance your machining capabilities with Okuma tooling made for lathes, multitasking machines, and machining centers. 

Okuma Milling Tool Holders

Optimize your milling operations with Velocity’s precision collet chucks, end mill holders, and modular tool fixtures.

Okuma Certified Pull Studs

Velocity Okuma Certified pull studs, crafted for Okuma spindles ensure extended tool life and superior part surface finishes. 

CNC Lighting Systems

Illuminate your workspace with machine tool lights. These are built to withstand even the toughest working conditions. 

Coolant Filtration System

Protect the longevity of your machine tools with the VMP-8 Differential Coolant Filter, designed to filter chips from coolant.

Velocity V-Clean

Powered exclusively by shop air, the V-Clean efficiently clears coolant from machine tool enclosure windows at a fraction of the cost.

CNC Chip Clearing Fan

Remove chips and coolant efficiently and safely with the Velocity CNC Chip Cleaning Fan. Designed for effortless machining operation. 

Velocity CAT 40 Toolholder

Designed for durability, the Velocity CAT 40 Toolholder integrates a ground flange and V-groove to reduce spindle maintenance. 

Velocity CAT 40 Starter Tool Kit

Maximize milling efficiency with this versatile kit that is suitable for drilling, tapping, milling, deburring, and engraving.

Largest inventory of Tooling for Okuma in North America

Velcocity Lathe Turret 2024

The Velocity Advantage: Tools Built to Last

  • Velocity Tools are delivered ready to use - no break-in is required.
  • All live tools are run-in at the factory and internal coolant tools are pressure tested as a final quality check prior to shipment.
  • Greased for life; no customer maintenance is required.
  • CMM inspected and serialized records are kept on file.
  • All Velocity Live Tools use individually ground spacer rings to set the bearing preload.
  • Velocity live tools use oversize output bearings resulting in 40% greater rigidity than the competition.
  • Velocity Live Tools use spiral bevel gears machined in matched sets, then lapped in matched sets.

Three Year Guarantee

Velocity Tooling is designed to give years of service under the most demanding applications. The build quality of our tool holders allows us to back them with a three year factory warranty.

Velocity Tooling will repair any defective tool holder for a period of three years from the date of purchase. All tool maintenance and service is performed in the United States at our certified repair facility.

Velocity Products lathe tooling installed on Okuma multitasking lathe