Okuma Certified Pull Studs

Velocity pull studs for Okuma machine tools with milling capabilities

Product Detail

Velocity Okuma Certified pull studs are specifically designed for Okuma spindles. The tolerances and surface finish to which Velocity pull studs are machined results in increased tool life and better part surface finishes.

Velocity Okuma Certified pull studs are machined from SNCM 420 (JIS)/4320 (ASTM) alloy steel, hardened to HRC-52 - 58, and all surfaces are held to the surface finish requirements from Okuma, and all Velocity pull studs are coolant through.

CAT 40 Pull Studs

The O-ring supplied with a Velocity OKUMA Certified CAT 40 pull stud is 1.5mm x 15mm. The Velocity pull stud with a 1.5mm x 15mm O-ring is for use on CAT 40 toolholders with a small chamfer. Toolholders with a large chamfer require a 2.0mm x 15mm O-ring which is also included with Velocity CAT 40 pull studs.

Pull Stud Instructions

The following instructions are recommendations only. Every manufacturer of toolholders has their own torque specifications for installing pull studs.

  1. Mount the toolholder in a bench fixture when installing the pull stud
  2. Clean/degrease the threads on both the pull stud and the toolholder
  3. Inspect the chamfer on the toolholder, and select the correct o-ring per above
  4. Apply Loctite 242 (blue) thread locker to the internal threads of the toolholder - this will correctly push the Loctite forward as the pull stud is installed
  5. Always use a calibrated torque wrench, with the proper socket to install pull studs
  6. Use the LOWEST torque value possible to tighten the pull stud. For a CAT-40 pull stud, a torque value of 30 - 40 ft/lbs. is recommended

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