Velocity CAT40 Toolholder

Velocity CAT40 Tool Holder for precise machining operations

Product Detail

The Velocity CAT40 Toolholder delivers reliable performance for Okuma machines, cutting back on spindle and ATC arm repairs. With its precision-engineered collet chuck and closure nut, it provides a firm grip on tools, maintaining accuracy and reducing vibration for a more stable machining process.

Precision CAT40 Toolholders: Your Solution for Superior Accuracy

Equip your machine with the Velocity CAT40 Toolholder for unmatched precision and balance. The AT3 tapered shank fits precisely, while its 0.0002" T.I.R concentricity to the spindle centerline ensures accuracy in every cut. Designed for high-speed operations, each collet chuck is balanced to G2.5 at 18,000 rpm, promoting smooth and stable machining. This tool holder is the upgrade your CNC machine needs for top-tier performance.

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