Velocity CNC Chip Cleaning Fan

Product Detail

Keep your machining area chip-free with the Velocity CNC Chip Cleaning Fans. Designed for simple spindle attachment, these fans clear away chips efficiently, complemented by a through-coolant system for enhanced cleaning. Installation is easy: fit the fan into an endmill or collet holder, store it in the machine's automatic tool changer (ATC), and use it as needed.

V04-F6-2311 0.750" 5,000 - 8,000 RPM 5.5" (142mm) 10.0" (254mm)

Chip and Coolant Cleaning: Harnessing High-Speed Airflow

Operating at a speed range of 5,000 to 8,000 RPM (6,000 RPMs works well for most applications), the chip cleaning fan generates ample airflow to effectively dislodge and remove chips and coolant from the work area. This optimal airflow, and the use of Through-Spindle-Coolant through the fan, ensures that the workpiece and machine table are kept clean. This reduces the risk of tool damage and maintaining the precision of CNC operations. Additionally, the consistent cleaning performance of the fan minimizes downtime for manual cleaning, enhancing overall productivity and machine efficiency.

Efficient Chip and Coolant Removal

Crafted from robust 4140 steel, the mounting cylindrical shank of our chip fan ensures a solid and durable connection to your Okuma machine. The blades are made from glass fiber reinforced nylon, which are engineered to withstand wear and tear. The fan's through-coolant function is a key feature, providing a powerful clean by clearing away chips and coolant with ease. 

Effortless Installation

Installation is a breeze; the fan is as easy to set up as any other tool in the automatic tool changer (ATC). Simply install it in an endmill or collet holder, and it's ready to go, streamlining your workflow and maintaining the cleanliness of your machines with minimal effort.

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